Wholesale Artificial Grass in Miami

At Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC, we know that taking care of a lawn can be tricky for Miami homeowners. Mowing, watering, raking, and pulling weeds are all things that go hand in hand with a traditional lawn. You'll also need a shed or storage space for your maintenance tools and plenty of water on our hot summer days.

Are you ready to free yourself from the restrictions of growing and maintaining nice grass?

Wholesale artificial grass is the affordable and virtually maintenance-free solution that will beautify your investment and add value to your property for many years to come.

Reach out to our certified team at (954) 420-9346 to explore luxurious options that suit your specific taste.

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Trusted Artificial Turf Suppliers

As industry-leading artificial turf suppliers, we go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional selection of the best quality lawn materials that boost the value, curb appeal, and function of your property.

Is there a space you don't use because it looks muddy, is full of weeds, and has grass that refuses to grow? Transform this area into an enjoyable oasis you, your family, and friends can all enjoy.

With our wholesale artificial grass, you can expect:

  • Competitive prices
  • Thoughtful product advice and guidance
  • A wide range of high-quality turfs
  • Timely delivery
  • Fast installation services
  • Licensed, insured technicians
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Reach out to our team to discover a wide range of premium quality grasses perfect for every type of application.

A Vast Selection of Wholesale Turfs

When you need turf, Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC has all your bases covered. We carry a vast selection of wholesale artificial turfs. Each has been carefully selected for its quality, beauty, and value, giving you an exceptional range of superior products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a turf for putting, playing soccer, or lounging with friends, we’re sure to have something that ticks all the boxes.

Our top-selling turfs include:

  • AGW 100: The most luxurious turf in our Pro Series line. A showstopper of a lawn, the AGW 100 boasts a high-density mix of field-green and lime-green blades for a bright, bold, and beautiful look. A true statement for any front lawn.
  • AGW 92: Features a dense mosaic of olive-green and jade-green blades for a natural-looking appearance. The AGW 92 is a resilient product made to withstand moderate to high traffic, perfect for families and pets.
  • AGW 80: The memory foam of artificial turfs. The AGW 80 boasts the softest feel of our Pro Series line. With each blade carefully constructed to provide a layered, cushioned texture, this turf is as close as you can get to walking on a cloud.
  • Putting Green: The perfect choice for golfers. Our signature Putting Green turf has a sleek, uniform appearance and ball-roll performance just like a professional golf course. Ideal indoors and out.
  • Highland: Sleek beauty meets rugged durability in the Highland. Designed and developed for the most demanding customer, the Highland offers exceptional resilience, standing up to all types of wear and tear. With built-in MaxRecover® and BodyShape® technologies, it naturally retains its shape and appearance no matter how much foot traffic it sees.
  • Master: A bold, brilliant choice. Mixing textured fibers with BodyShape C® section monofilament, the Master turf is an exceptional choice for medium-traffic areas, providing a dense turf with a luscious look and feel. Perfect for private gardens, play areas for kids, and commercial terraces.
  • Multisport: All-sport performance, all-year brilliance. The Multisport combines monofilament fibers with memory effect technology to give exceptional bounce and footprint recovery. Its natural two-tone color gives it depth and a natural beauty, all while providing an excellent surface for sports of all kinds.
  • Deluxe: True to its name, the Deluxe is one of our premier turfs. Combining BodyShape D® section monofilament with SoftMax® technology, it offers exceptional bounce and a natural look like no other. Every detail—from the color of the greens to the meticulously placed brown-curl filament—has been carefully chosen to provide the most authentic look and feel available. Ideal for commercial terraces and private gardens of the highest caliber.

We’re happy to discuss our many products with you in a no-obligation consultation. To get started, contact us today. We’ll then assess your needs over the phone so you can narrow down your options.

6 Benefits of Installing Wholesale Turf Grass

Whether you're looking to create a pet-safe environment, or you'd like to make a fun and relaxing space like a putting green, our certified team is confident we can help you select the right type of turf for the job. From gorgeous landscapes to beautiful recreational greenspaces—we have the long-lasting solutions people trust.

Installing wholesale turf grass is a game-changer. The following is a list our experts have compiled of the top 6 benefits our clients have reported:

  • Child and pet friendly
  • Zero watering is required
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Enjoy green grass throughout every season
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Doesn't impact people with allergies to grass
  • Significantly reduces the amount of biting bugs found in your lawn

Create a yard you will be proud to welcome guests into. Get started today by giving our team a call—at no risk to you.

High-Quality Artificial Lawns at Wholesale Prices

We are well known for selling some of the best quality artificial lawns at wholesale pricing you can always count on. Some of our most recent installations have included:

  • Residential properties and recreational spaces
  • Sports fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Daycares
  • Public spaces
  • Condominiums
  • Government buildings
  • Businesses
  • Apartment complex shared greenspaces
  • And more!

When you partner with us, purchasing in bulk does not mean sacrificing any part of the quality of our materials. It's just a really great way for us to pass the savings on to you. Contact us to find more about how we can make your lawn goals come to life.

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Artificial Grass Warehouse LLC specializes in providing a vast selection of high-quality synthetic grass for all property types and sizes. We are certified bulk artificial grass dealers who put your needs and expectations first.

Connect with us to explore value-driven options that respect your budget and align you with your landscaping goals.